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              Mediterranean Yacht Charters

              The clear, azure waters of the Mediterranean are a luxury charter yacht paradise, bursting with culture, history, sophisticated ports and islands that still maintain a pristine wilderness. This perennially popular luxury yacht charter region incorporates the fashionable French Riviera, Corsica, the Balearic Islands of Spain, mystical Italian coastlines and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and in the East, the ancient and unspoilt cruising grounds of Croatia, and Turkey and Greece, considered the birthplace of civilization.

              Charter Regions within the Mediterranean

              The wild, solitary island of Corsica in the French Mediterranean is a charter yacht paradise, offering some of the most pleasant cruising grounds in the western Mediterranean and something for everybody – beach lovers, divers, culture buffs, hikers, history enthusiasts, epicureans. Read more...

              Known as the thousand islands, Croatia is the ideal luxury yacht charter destination with lots of quaint seaside villages, historic towns, islands and harbours to explore at convenient intervals. There is no better way to explore this area but in your very own private crewed charter yacht. Read more...

              Known as, the French Riviera or C?te d'Azur (azure coast), France's slice of the Mediterranean stretches from the Cassis to the Italian border, and has always been synonymous with glamour, celebrity, sophistication and of course, superyachts and yacht charter, and a magnet to those with means seeking sunshine and pleasure. Read more...

              For centuries Greece has been identified with the sea and sailing. With over 2000 islands and countless miles of coastlines to explore, and a fleet of yachts we inspect every year, let the Luxury Charter Group organise your own private yacht charter exploring this magnificent destination. Read more...

              Cruising along the ‘Turquoise Coast’ aboard your luxury charter yacht, from Bodrum towards Antalya, you'll embrace some of the most pristine and historical cruising waters in the world. From ancient forts to tranquil seaside villages, dense pine forests to arid stony mountains and deserted bays, there’s stunning natural beauty and historic sites so old, you'll realise how young you really are! Read more...

              Italy is a truly spectacular yacht charter destination. The Gulf of Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands are famous for their fascinating history, culture and of course, their world famous cuisine. A vacation by yacht is undoubtedly the most enjoyable way to explore coastal towns and islands, moving freely and independently from one place to another. Read more...

              The Balearic Islands – Mallorca (or Majorca), Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera – are island paradises for sailors, superyachts and luxury yacht charters. Lying to the east of the Spanish mainland, these islands are becoming one of the Mediterranean’s most popular yacht charter destinations, thanks to the near-year-round sunshine, azure waters, varied landscapes and warm hospitality. Read more...

              On the Map


              The Med, as it's known, is one of the largest yacht charter vacation grounds in the world and has an incredible choice of charter boats available, sailing yachts and motor yachts of all sizes and levels of luxury, sailing and power catamarans and the traditional gulets of the eastern Mediterranean cultures.

              The Med yacht charter season generally runs from mid-May to mid-October. During the peak of the season, in July and August, when temperatures rise, tourists flock to the coastlines and islands of the Mediterranean. Fortunately, luxury charter guests are able to avoid much of the onshore tourist crowds on the sanctuary of their vessels.

              Another good time to charter a luxury yacht is on either of the shoulder seasons in June and September. These periods fall each side of the main summer season when the temperatures are still inviting, there are fewer tourists and a greater choice of berths and anchorages.

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              8 Good Reasons to Book with Luxury Charter Group

              We are the luxury charter experts and have been excelling in this space for 30 years, or a combined total of 70 years! Our clients’ feedback assures us that our experience, expertise and dedication are the main reasons they rely on us, why they rebook time and again and refer their friends and contacts to us.

              1. Personalised service: we take care of the details
              2. We deliver exceptional charter experiences
              3. Up-to-date charter yacht knowledge
              4. Personal experience of the destinations
              5. Unbiased independent advice
              6. Global operations base
              7. Financial security
              8. Secure charter contracts

              We ensure planning your charter is easy and enjoyable

              Why you should choose us...